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The Remote Primary Health Care Manuals are a suite of manuals designed to support good clinical practice in primary health care in central, northern and remote Australia. The manuals are produced for health care workers — including doctors, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners and health workers, remote area nurses, midwives, nurse practitioners, and allied health professionals. They are widely used in clinical care, health service systems, education and orientation in the Northern Territory, remote South Australia, the Ngaanyatjarra and Kimberley regions in Western Australia, and beyond. 

The Remote Primary Health Care Manuals are the:

CARPA Standard Treatment Manual
Minymaku Kutju Tjukurpa — Women’s Business Manual
Clinical Procedures Manual for remote and rural practice
Medicines Book for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners and Health Workers

These manuals are firmly grounded in both the evidence and the practicalities of remote practice and aim to be:

• In plain English, easy to access
• Current and evidence based
• Culturally appropriate and relevant to remote practice
• Revised with the greatest possible input from remote practitioners.

A distinctive feature of these manuals is that they were developed and continue to be reviewed using a ‘by the user for the user’ guideline development model. This combines evidence review, expert advice, and user participation. Arrived at out of necessity and extreme health need, this process has stood the test of time and been validated by the literature. 

The multiprofessional and iterative nature of the review brings the considerable collective experience and wisdom of content experts, local and context specialists, and remote area practitioners to bear on the recent literature. Updated guidelines are reviewed by end users for clarity, practicality and acceptability before finalisation, ensuring that the manuals remain 'by remote practitioners for remote practitioners'.

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