Centre for Remote Health
# Title Authors Year
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86 First Review of Alcohol and drugs (AOD) Indigenous communities Project (2011-2014) May 2012
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87 From ‘problem-describing’ to ‘problem-solving’: Challenging the ‘deficit’ view of remote and rural health Bourke L;Humphreys JS;Wakerman J;Taylor J 2010
88 Front-line worker perspectives on Indigenous youth suicide in Central Australia: contributors and prevention strategies
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89 Getting a perspective on motivation Carey T 2011
90 Global Mental Health and Neuroscience: Different synergies are required Carey T 2015
91 Going bush: The experience of remote postgraduate psychology placements
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92 Headlice: a precursor to Group A Streptococcal infection in remote Indigenous children
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96 How do small rural primary health care services sustain themselves in a constantly changing health system environment?
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97 How do we assess teacher quality? Carey T 2011
98 How does your enthusiasm rate Carey T 2011
99 How far can systematic reviews inform policy development for 'wicked' rural health services problems?
Humphreys JS;Kuipers P;Wakerman J;Wells R;Jones J;Kinsman L 2009
100 Identification of real and artifactual moderators of effect size in Meta-Analysis Collins M;Carey T 2015

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