Centre for Remote Health
# Title Authors Year
181 The contribution of University Departments of Rural Health to rural health research: an analysis of outputs Gausia K;Thompson S;Perkins D;Lindeman MA;Brown L;Ramsay J 2015
182 The cost effectiveness of primary care for Indigenous Australians with diabetes living in remote Northern Territory communities
Thomas S;Zhao Y;Guthridge S;Wakerman J 2014
183 The effectiveness of assessment translation into real needs-based aged care in a remote Indigenous context (Poster) Di Bell;John Reid;Melissa Lindeman 2011
184 The frontline and the ivory tower: A case study of service and professional-driven curriculum Lenthall S;Wakerman J;Knight S 2009
185 The impact of health system reform on remote health in Cambodia and the Philippines
Grundy J 2001
186 The problem with the DSM-5 is the DSM not the 5 Carey T 2013
187 The relationship between quality of life and disability across the lifespan for people with spinal cord injury
Barker RN;Kendall MD;Amsters DI;Pershouse KJ;Haines TP;Kuipers P 2009
188 The remote area nurse model of consultation Lenthall S;Knight S;Foxley S;Gordon V;Ivanhoe T;Aitken R 2015
189 The role of education in the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from remote communities Wilson B;Guenther JC;Cairney S 2016
190 The structure of novice and expert occupational therapists' clinical reasoning before and after exposure to a domain-specific protocol Kuipers K;Grice JW 2009
191 The Tangentyere protocols Grundy J;Tilmouth W;Bowden M 2001
192 The value of best-practice guidelines for OSCEs in a postgraduate program in an Australian remote area setting
Jeffrey CA;Mitchell ML;Henderson A;Lenthall S;Knight S;Glover P;Kelly M;Nulty D;Groves M 2014
193 Thomas Szasz: rebel with a questionable cause
Carey T 2013
194 Thriving not just surviving as a remote practitioner Knight S 2007
195 Towards better health care integration Reddy S 2015
196 Towards better preparation and support for health and social care practitioners conducting specialised assessments in remote Indigenous contexts Lindeman MA;Dingwall KM;Bell D 2014
197 Towards systematic data collection and referral pathways for Indigenous youth suicide attempts
Lindeman MA;Taylor KA;Dingwall KM;Lopes J;Reid J;Grant L 2013
198 Treating mental health in remote communities: what do remote health practitioners need?
Bulbrook K;Carey T;Lenthall S;Byers L;Behan KP 2012
199 Trends in workplace violence in the remote area nursing workforce Opie T;Lenthall S;Dollard M;Wakerman J;MacLeod M;Knight S;Dunn S;Rickard G 2010
200 Tropical health in the top end - an introduction for health practitioners Johnston F 2003

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