Centre for Remote Health
# Title Authors Year
121 Organisational intervention to reduce occupational stress and turnover in hospital nurses in the Northern Territory, Australia Rickard G;Lenthall S;Dollard M;Opie T;Knight S;Dunn S;Wakerman J;MacLeod M;Seiler J;Brewster-Webb D 2012
122 Out of Alice the inside story - a case study of the pilot of an extended medical student placement program in Central Australia Davies P;Dolinski C;Green D 2002
123 Overview of devolution of health services in the Philippines
Grundy J;Healy V;Gorgolon L;Sandig E 2003
124 Participatory action research in indigenous health
Esler D 2008
125 Perceptual Control Theory and the Phenomenological Analysis of the Experience of Autism: A Case Study
Brown JC;Carey T 2012
126 Population and mobility in the town camps of Alice Springs: a report prepared by Tangentyere Council Research Unit
Foster D;Mitchell J;Ulrik J;Williams R 2005
127 Potential primary health care savings for chronic disease care associated with Australian Aboriginal involvement in land management Campbell D;Burgess CP;Garnett ST;Wakerman J 2011
128 Prevocational exposure to public health in the Kimberley: A pathway to rural, remote and public health practice Hofer A;Parker J;Atkinson D;Moore S;Reeve C;Mak DB 2014
129 Primary health care in rural and remote Australia: achieving equity of access and outcomes through national reform, a discussion paper commissioned by the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission
Humphreys J;Wakerman J 2008
130 Principles-based counselling and psychotherapy: A Method of Levels approach Carey T;Mansell W;Tai SJ 2015
131 Psychosocial safety climate as an antecedant of work characteristics adn psychological strain: A multilevel model Dollard M;Opie T;Lenthall S;Wakerman J;Knight s;Dunn S 2012
132 Public health and war - balancing security, sovereignty and public safety Grundy J;Williams R 2002
133 Qualitative Exploration of a client-centred, goal-directed approach to community-based occupational therapy for adults with traumatic brain injury
Doig E;Fleming J;Cornwell L;Kuipers P 2009
134 Re-orienting a remote acute care model towards a primary health care approach: key enablers
Humphreys J;Wakerman J;Carter M;Carroll V;Reeve C 2015
135 Realising economies in the joint supply of health and environmental services in Aboriginal Central Australia
Campbell D;Davies J;Wakerman J 2007
136 Realist Evaluation of a remote hospital programme in the context of Australian health care reforms Reddy S 2015
137 Reducing the Risk of violence towards remote area nurses: A violence management toolbox McCullough K;Lenthall S;Williams S;Andrew L 2012
138 Remote health Wakerman J;Lenthall S 2002
139 Remote Health Practice Lenthall S;Dade Smith J 2016
140 Remote pharmacy services: A student perspective Mahendrarajah P;Speare T 2015

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