Centre for Remote Health
# Title Authors Year
101 Identifying an appropriate Content Management System to develop Clinical practice guidelines: A perspective Reddy S;Herring SE;Gray AO 2015
102 Impact of community participation in primary health care: what is the evidence? Bath J;Wakerman J 2013
103 Improving access to psychological treatment with patient-led appointment scheduling. Carey T 2016
104 Improving primary health care workforce retention in small rural and remote communities: How important is ongoing education and training?
Humphreys J;Wakerman J;Wells R;Kuipers P;Jones J;Entwistle P;Harvey P 2007
105 Improving Professional Psychological Practice Through an Increased Repertoire of Research Methodologies: Illustrated by the Development of MOL. Professional Psychology Carey T;Tai S;Mansell W;Huddy V;Griffiths R;Marken R 2017
106 Improving the Quality of Life of Palliative and Chronic Disease Patients and Carers in Remote Australia with the Establishment of a Day Respite Facility Carey T;Schouten K;Wakerman J;Humphreys J;Miegel F;Murphy S;Arundell M 2016
107 Indigenous patient migration patterns after hospitalisation and the potential impacts on mortality estimates Zhao Y;Condon JR;Qin Li S;Guthridge S;Chondur R 2013
108 Indigenous research - a personal perspective
Curtis A 2005
109 Indigenous services study: Lungurra Ngoora community care final report
Carroll E;Smith K;Flicker L;LoGiudice D;Shadforth F;Ralph N;Lindeman MA;Almeida O;Atkinson D;Schaper F;Lautenschlager N 2010
110 Influences on women in rural and regional areas help-seeking behaviour during the perinatal period Moore KA;Carey T;Wall C 2015
111 Information sources for injury prevention among Indigenous Australians - status and prospects for improvement Harrison J;Miller E;Weeramanthri T;Wakerman J;Barnes T 2001
112 Interplay Wellbeing Framework: ’bringing together stories and numbers ’ to measure Aboriginal cultural values in remote Australia Cairney S;Abbott T;Quinn S;Yamaguchi J;Wilson B;Wakerman J 2017
113 Is IAPT the only political option?
Carey T;Pilgrim D 2011
114 Is remote health different to rural health? Wakerman J;Bourke L;Humphreys JS;Taylor J 2017
115 It's About People: Changing perspectives on dryness. A report to the Government by an expert social panel. An assessment of the social impact associated with drought Knight S 2008
116 Laramba diabetes project: an evaluation Grundy J;Tyrrell M;Wakerman J 2001
117 Laramba family wellness model: integration, sustainability and transferability
Field P;McLay A;Grundy J 2001
118 Levels of occupational stress in the remote area nursing workforce Opie T;Dollard M;Lenthall S;Wakerman J;Dunn S;Knight S;MacLeod M 2010
119 Little Albert - were we all duped?
Carey T 2011
120 Making deliberate practice effective Carey T 2012

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