Centre for Remote Health
The Centre for Remote Health offers a broad range of educational activities for health professionals working in rural and remote regions of Australia.
Undergraduate students receive orientation to the context of Central Australia, support for supervision, accommodation and other support as required.  

There is an extended program of short courses developed for those who are working in rural and remote communities, as well as those wishing or needing to develop skills to move to these communities. Courses are designed to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to provide effective health services to people living in these challenging environments. The courses attract Continuing Education points which are required for continued registration and are highly subscribed.

For those health professionals who wish to study further the Centre for Remote Health has developed a post graduate program in Remote and Indigenous Health Practice for Remote Area Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Pharmacists, Child Protection Workers and doctors. The key content areas are the remote context, public health and remote practice. These are offered through Flinders University.

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